Sunday, July 08, 2007

the "not-do" list

names (off the top of my head) of men I would never fuck.
1. bartholomew
2. roger
4. cecil, pronounced sessil
5. absolom
6. agapito
7. damien
8. deepnita
9. lance
10. winthrope
11. leonard
12. leviticus
13. langley
14. reginald
15. tanaquil

are you seeing a pattern?


Anonymous said...

Would you fuck a Balthazar?
I had carnal knowledge of an 'Aphrodite' once.
Olympia indeed.

What is the BJ list?

Beth said...

I did a Leviticus once. He kept slamming gays, so I never went back.

Dale said...

But would you fuck Franklin for a cut of his restaurant biz?

Mountjoy said...

You wouldn't roger, Roger?
Or get impaled on a Lance?
Be lascivious with Leviticus?
Go jaw-agape at Agapito's peeny?
Let Deepnita go deep into ya?
Have Winthrope withdraw?

I guess Dick is fucked, then.

Eebie said...

I'm happy my name didn't appear. I'm still hopeful. ;-)

I thought Bartholomew and Leonard were pretty popular jewish names, hon? Sure about that?

Writeprocrastinator said...

But you would do a "Winston?"

Mountjoy said...

I thought Monica "did" a Winston infront of Bill?

"...This tastes good! I'll smoke that later..." and the rest was history.

Amy Guth said...

HA! Cecil pronounced sessil, hahaha, so hilar, Schwartzypoo.

Ms Smack said...

Phew. lucky you didnt say my name. I'm still in with a chance! YIPPEE!

blueblanket said...

Never say never!


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