Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Poker Face

OnlineBFF4Ever, Cormac Brown has spun yet another flawless suspense filled yarn called Poker Face, featured on Powder Burn Flash. You must run and read it now. You'll love it. I laughed. My mouth dropped... I can't tell you why, you have to read it!

I have more I want to share, but I won't yet-- I'm being plaid about it. Soon, though.

Oh, How I Love My Sister!

One of the items on my Nav bar is Feed OyVey. My sister thought that meant, email me dish to post on the blog (love that girl, so cute). Anyhoodle, Keh e-stalked me this morning with a fabbylish Thrillist item that I had to share. She feels an obligation to feed the blog. So cute.

"Bedroom Tools: Ugly Bags"Guaranteed to cure ugliness", these heavyweight paper bags slip easily over your partner's head to display an attractive face; also comes in Male, for the man so ugly, even an extra-ugly bag-faced chick refuses to sleep with his ugly."

For men...

For women....

Aside from how shaaaaaaaaaaameful this is and it is mothah fuckin' shameful. Whatever happened to good ole' fashioned beer goggles? When did they lose their cachet?


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