Friday, May 04, 2007

cpunchman's pretend interviews

have ya's been following cpunchman's pretend interviews with lulu? this is another series I've been meaning to post about. it's so damn funny, and just, well, good clean amurican fun. you have to read it!

guthmantics... a new series

have ya's been following guthy's guthmantics series? you haven't? schmuck. it's fabulous. it's new and it's all about up and coming and established authors and their latest books. you must check it out. you will love it.

doc's fun with fundies

fun with fundies fridays is a new series doc has launched on her blog, into the sunrise. it's that perfect blend of terror and humor. fashion trends, a muffin manifesto that is not to be missed, and the face of fundamentalism at the end, and oy, so much more. check it out.

deep in the heart of texas.... amy guth

listen up AUSTIN, TX and FORT WORTH, TX, muffins, you're in for a super jewey treat, amy guth is doing a reading of her fabulous book, three fallen women. if you haven't read it, for the love... it is so brilliant, so exquisitely written, do yourself a favor and read it!

Wednesday, May 9th
918 W. 12th St. (12th & Lamar)
Austin, TX

Monday, May 14th
7pm sharp!
2736 W. 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX


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