Sunday, February 10, 2008

Okay, Point Fucking Blank!

First, see this fabulous image?! Courtesy of my good friend Bubbsie. You do know why he sent it to me, right? You can see it?

Second, which one-a-youse has broken up with me?! I have Technorati and my links have dropped scandalously low in the past 30-days. A girl takes a blogatus to finish her book and suddenly you chop her from your life? Ah. I'm appalled. I thought we had something special. I thought we were lovin'on each other (love that word "lovin'on. It's so white trash). What happened? I want names!

Save James J. Williams III Work!

We all know what a fortuity / serendipity whore I am, right? Well, I am, big time.

While dishing with Zuniga about how excited we were about Guthy's NOLA fundraiser at a cocktail party during the Pilcrow Lit Fest in Chicago on Saturday, May 23rd, Z mentioned artist/writer James J. Williams.

I zipped over to, and through James' website and fell in love with this child's work. He's so fucking talented. We e-stalked a bit and he told me all about his idea to save his Paris Collection by getting it into the hands of several art collectors via a timeshare. The child spent a month creating all of this beautiful work.

The details are below. Please contribute some money to save the kid's work and hang a gorgeous JJW III original in your home or wherever you wish.

From James: "Earlier this week, all of this work—a month of my life—was in danger of being destroyed. I reached out to a small handful of friends, and resigned myself to the fact that this work would be erased.

But it didn't go the way I thought it would. People started to ask if they could donate something, anything, in order to save my work. The generosity has floored me. Really has just blown me away.

Because of the response, Envoy and I have decided that all of this work will return to New York to a permanent space. All the individuals who donate will effectively own every piece of this collection. These pieces will be available to the benefactors to be shown in the home or space of their choosing for a period of up to 6 months at a time, in perpetuity.

You can think of it as an artistic timeshare. While I'll think of it as a wonderful twist to an ongoing project/experiment of mine. I feel more full of life and love than ever.

More information at the link above.

Thank you,


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