Thursday, February 23, 2006

no title

the road of good intentions is bullshit.

more keyphrases

that my blog is coming up on

practice vaccum pussy
daisy duke stuff
"instant pussy"
Lightening Lip cream+Los Angeles

I'm not sure how I feel about this round... it's creepy.

more from, you know you're crazy when...

I know you know everything about my real family history as you watched me grow-up at The Palace. I know you know I'm Princess Claire and now you know what I really do.

I hear that I'm up for "Moulin Rouge." I'm up for all these features and I haven't acted in years. You know how surreal this life has been for me.

I deal with world leaders, but I prefer to take down a regime intellectually than use a silencer. I use my mind to take down the enemy and sometimes I have to wear a mini-skirt.

did you know...

that phone sex is listed in the websters dictionary, and actually has a definition.

"Sexually explicit talk engaged in by telephone, especially to enhance autoerotic pleasure."

autoerotic pleasure. is that hilar?


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