Sunday, December 10, 2006

comment verification enabled

after getting a gazillion viagra and plaxo comments, I realized it was time to turn on comment verification. I am most blue about this. I don't know why it bothers me so much. could be the cold medicine. maybe I'm a big ol' overly sensitive whoremoan at the mineee.

am I pms'ng?! if I am, I know mister mister will be most pleased.

tori spelling garage sale

I read somewhere that someone asked her publicist if the monies raised were going to charity and the publicist said, no. the money goes to tori.

I imagine mama candy is so angry that she's actually making facial expressions!

blair family photos

like father like son. copping a feel, and so young. two christmas queens in a pod.

december 9th journal entry:: the busy guide's mom to bible study + early family CHRISTmas photos.

read it. it will affirm your love for blair.

tools for digging: write it down and walk it out. paralell translations. original languages.


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