Monday, June 11, 2007

Michigan Man in Wheelchair Pinned to Grille of Semitrailer for 4-Mile Ride

didjya's read about the vertically challenged kid who was rolling across the street and got stuck on the grill of a giant semi in paw paw michigan? kid was wearing a dr. pepper t-shirt and got stuck on the grille. can you imagine?! thank god the kid's ok. that said, this was the funniest fuckin story I have heard in my life. I was howling. seriously how-ling. do you not see the humor in this?!

Carpenter was attempting to cross on Wednesday when the light turned green and his wheelchair became hooked onto the front grille of the truck, which reached 50 mph during the 4-mile trip down Red Arrow Highway, Michigan State Police Michael Sinke said witnesses reported.


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