Tuesday, October 17, 2006

new jew hater in town and SHE's on a mission from god

goddess guth emailed me an article called, jewess bashes stay at home moms that I am passing on to you, and you fucking have to read it because this is a whole new level of hate. this broad's spin on the jew's need to eradicate christianity and homemaking is so sick.

you have to read it because it's important. these are the jew-haters we need to be aware of. she is hitler dangerous.

katie got married!

not me. dumb ass.
one of my best friend's, also named, katie.
she was a gorgeous bride.
the nuptials were in philly this weekend.
it was beautiful.
fantastic to be back east.
I saw friends and people I hadn't seen in 15-years.
I'm so glad I went.
and I am the anti-christ of weddings.
but this.
this was spectacular.
best wedding I've ever been to.
so happy for the blushing bride.

now let's discuss my deep sorrow about having to leave the east to come west.
it was so hard to get on that plane.
no. it was so hard to get on that fucking plane.
I didn't want to do it.
it took every ounce of strength I had to board. and, two valium.

fear not. I'm a jewgirl with a plan. kind of. in the making really. definitely. it's brewing in my head. and my heart. it has to ruminate. it has to blossom. it will.

I am so into kd lang's, hymns of the 49th parallel at the minute that if there were a lesbian recruitment committee now would be a great time to sell fehatty on the perks and benys of membership.

it was great to see haglette the hellnine. god, I missed him. he's very grounding. he had serious canine fun at canyon view. made a few friends. got his swirl on with a few of the bettys. kid loves shiksa labrador blondes. very upsetting. you'd think he'd go for something moroccan or ethnic. he's a shvatsa jew. what the hell is he doing with the shiksas, huh? this is the four legged man I raised?! how did this happen?! geez louise.

what else... jewergies are under control. I have bills to pay. not fun. all is well. no complaints.

ok, that's a big fat fuck lie, but I kvetch a lot on this blog. I am going to exercise restraint.

ok, that's a big fat fuck lie too.


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