Thursday, November 16, 2006

sad clown

hi. me.

oh, this is too perfect <-- I'm in love.

another round?

it's been a vile week. it's not even over yet and I feel like I can't go another round. sometimes it all seems so fruitless, like what's the fucking point, you know?

everyone has an agenda, which wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't an unforeseen cunting kick in the ass.

mother fucker.

on the dog whacking freaks...

re: my post, sick fuck. wp's comment... poifect

Fair is fair. We should be able to dip the bureacrat that authorized this, in tallow and barbecue sauce, then sic every surviving dog in Bejing on him or her.

Not to mention, they haven't learned shit from the 80's, when in full panic from a disease that birds (not the avian flu) were catching, they killed every bird in sight and got rampant insect, rodent, and snake as a reward. Vaccinate instead, it's not like the People's State doesn't have the funds.

ps: the mousepad, that's wp's writer chach.

sick fucks

The Beijing crackdown isn't the first to make headlines this year. Here, officials club a dog to death in China's Yunnan province in April. Thousands of dogs were killed.

this is disgusting. intolerable. heartbreaking. devastating.

Protesters in Beijing wave signs reading "stop massacre" during Saturday's protest. The capital's crackdown on dogs was announced Nov. 6. Source: AP


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