Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mac or PC

  1. To every blogger who commented on my Farmhouse Interview, A MILLION THANK YOU'S for your generous, supportive, wonderful comments. You are such angels. How did I get so damn lucky, huh?! Someone is lookin' out for Jewgirl and I am one grateful heeblette. Grazie.
  2. I am not breaking up with PC. Let me just put that out there. I am a PC / ThinkPad whore. I also needed a new lappytoppy. I bought a Mac laptop. Question, what the fuck?! I can't figure out how to use it. I'm trying. Mac users, Q4U, have you tried using it with with Windows Professional XP? Should I buy that? I hear that software turns your Mac into a PC. Thoughts? Spill.
  3. Who has a Mac trick or three hundred up their sleeves they'd like to impart? Spill.
  4. How was everyone's weekend?
  5. I'm now going to make myself horizontalish and play with my mactop.
  6. I heart You.
  7. I'm back into bullet points. Oy, I know.


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