Wednesday, May 10, 2006

my day jobs

my day jobs suck the ass of an old lady. I have several bosses that I freelance for and one of them is crawling so far up my fucking ass, I should charge him rent!


why do people have to bust your fuckin chops?

isn't it enough that we drag our tired disenchanted asses to work every day?!

oh, I am kvetchy.

but I just did enough laundry to clothe a small country.

craving of the day:: french fries. didn't have them, but I want them.

hitler killed bouvier des flandres... news?!

"Hitler and his henchmen knew the exact locations of the kennels in Belgium for their beautiful bouviers. In a move set to break the hearts of the Belgium people, he had the Luftwaffe bomb all the kennels. Very few bouviers in the kennels survived."

no wonder louie has such bad allergies, neurosis and is a master of guilt giving. hi. jew.


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