Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blogging From Bed

So, yeah. okay. dish. Today, a friend of mine was driving along the highway minding her own business when some cuntola tried to sidle into her lane without signaling. She was going 55, and had to act quickly, you know how you do. She honked. Not long, not loud, short and quick. The lane stealing snatch called her fehatty. Fehatty! She's not fat. Chuvvy, yes. STILL. That's not really the point.

Here is the point in my humble opinion when I've been called fehatty. It makes me feel soooo bad. As if fehatty-name-calling-snatchcookie called me the following one-liners: Stupid-fat-and-poor. Dirty-fuck-baby. And. Slovenly-bad-ass-wiper.

It's okay to say fat. Chuvvy. Not a skinny minny. A chub on the low (meaning losing weight). Semi-Spheereena. Those I could live with. But, fehatty?! Ah, God, it's the worst.

Cuntest updates from the Cuntessa (I cackle-snorted when I wrote that. Shame). I got the most di-viiiine PSA from the diva at PulpFriction. Her blog is so politically irreverent, it makes mine look virginal. From the inventor of Munt, TravelingManRick, I got one hell of a healthentry. His blog is as lovely as he is. Run. Read. Both. Now.

Not only did one of my blog heros, Mock, Paper, Scissors add my lil' Vey-a-Shmear to their rockin' blog roll, the great Ten of Grain (Tengrain) posted a hilarious blurb about the McCunt Essay Contest. Have you not read MPS? Oh ma gawd, you have got to read this online rag, especially if you're a lefty Lucy lookin' for the real deal, not the watered down snatchcrap you find in right wing press.

I got the greatest comment EVER from this broad who took my wig off. I loved every word, slopped it up with gluten free bread and awwl. Scroll down and read the 32nd comment. You will scream, seriously. It's very South Park with a religious twist and everything. Love ha.

I am in a real snatchy mood tonight, right? Snatch this and snatch that. Oy. I'm snatching myself into a frenzy, huh? Don't worry I'm still BFF'ng w/cunt. Just sayin'.



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