Monday, December 18, 2006

moses has parted the seas

my menses has begun. I am experiencing hostage worthy cramps and have a heating pad strapped to my lower back. I'm taking pain medeys. I'm nauseas. headachey. I'm retaining enough water to cure a fucking drought. and, I feel as ugly as fat sally.

with all of that, I remain grateful that I am menstruating. every month I receive this bill is a month I celebrate.

riback, are you thrilled for me?

my desk

the contents of my desk... lewch asked and who am I to deny?! I've tagged him o' plenty. I am tagging a plenty, too. it's a good meem because I'm a nosy bitch.

I'll do the home desk versus the work desk because it's far more interesting. my work desk, you know, at my job, well that's just dull squared. let me just say, I don't have a proper desk. I have a giant table in my kitchen. I can't have a proper desk. it gives me agida. I can't write on something so proper. it makes me uncomfortable. I have to be able to lay on my table. sit on my table. sit on a chair in front of my table. see my couch. I can't feel stuck or trapped. I'm a freak. deal.

1950s better homes and gardens cookbook. I can't tell you how much this inspires me. it's just so camp. I love it. the language. the images. the recipes. what doesn't make me nauseas, which most of it does, makes me scream.

two sex books, one from the 1940s and another from the 1920s. again, the language, issues, images, hysterical. especially masturbation. for the record, it was regarded as a very healthy act as long as it was done in the severe privacy of your own dirty dark room. as to mutual masturbation, I haven't found it in these reads, but I imagine it was frowned upon. after all, it's dirty and it's very wrong.

louie jew. I have two giant frames filled with images of louie running, jumping and playing catch. he's the love. such a honey.

family. I have a collage of pictures of my brothers and sister. my mothah and my fathah. the collage is filled with good memory shots.

chach. vintage vase heads. my mother is an avid collector. so beautiful. she's given my sister and I a few. they are most dramatic dames. ceramic hearts and stars my mother made me. a few of the rocks I've collected over the years. vintage mixer. etc. etc.

itunes. super important. can't always write with music, but when I can, it's not a want, it's a need.

laptop. I'm not a hand writer.

blackberry. as if there was ever a question.

knitting. whatever I'm knitting is always within hands reach. helps me think. clears my head.

organizer. papers. books. zip drive key chain. I have an old organizer. no. really old. so old that it's got rubber bands around it. love it! I have a basket filled with papers. it's contained clutter and chaos. completely satisfies my need for chaos. and, boy do I need a certain amount of chaos to be creative. (there's a quote about that. I can't remember who wrote it or what the quote is. mother bitch. what is that fucking quote?!) moving it along... books I've read. will read. am reading.

tagging, riback. stanley. guth. daleish. crionaberry. romius. politis (big busted diva). al sensu.

whale vomit

oh, I seriously need to score some whale vomit. 18K here I come!

go, whale vomit.


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