Monday, September 22, 2008

I Cunt and I Won't, A Yarn by FranICuntilyAm

While I have a big fucking potty mouth, using the word cunt does not come easily to me.

When it comes to that word, I think - I cunt, I won't! However now how can I not use it? My mind thinks I cunt, but my heart knows otherwise - yes it can. Yes it cunt. Se si puede, cuntilicious style.

I got to thinking about all the cunty candidate issues with this whole fucking cunt of an election. Obama and Biden are cunt free. That is sad because a cunt would be great on the Dem ticket. But no. And I mean a good cunt- like a cuntastic one. Bad cunts are everywhere in politics. Cuntileeza Rice comes to mind. Kay Bailey Cuntison is another Republican bad cunt. There is Michele Bachman. No cunt in her name but she is cuntiest of all cuntdom in many ways. This cunt go on.

Let me make my cuntpoint so we can all move on to whatever cunt-ventures await us. Personally, I was thinking of booking a trip to see the Valley of the Cunts. Where is that? Oh how about right between Coco's legs? That place is big enough for a spa, a hotel and a fucking cunt-casino. The views from the lips are cuntastic.

Anyway, I cunt-gress. Where was I?

So in the end this political season we do end up with a cunt and a bad one. The Republicunts have spoken and in '08 it goes down like this... McMunt and Cunt '08 on the Cuntatlk Express.

See you at the polls, cuntlettes, I love you all.

FranIAm is the author of Festinelente-FranIAm where she frequently and beautifully writes about religion and politics, her life and her faith.
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