Wednesday, February 28, 2007

god, let's discuss

I shoulda been a lesbian. I would've been a fabulous harley-riding-femish-type-lesbian. I have a family who would've dragged me out of the closet knowing I was born to dine at the Y long before I would've known. my friends would've loved me just the same. I would've been one seriously lucky dyke.

I love women. I think we're amazing. I am in love with all of my girlfriends and tell them constantly. I experience more girl crushes in a week than most men have in a lifetime. I can hock with a beav for hours about nothing and everything. politics and pussy. literature and life. intellectual and emotional dish sessions (not creepy emotional, a la: white linen wearing freaks, sitting on the beach while the ocean water teases our intertwined legs). but, the real stuff. the grit.

it's not that I don't share the same depth or intensity with my boyfriends, male friends or my gay male friends. I do. but, women have a history that bonds us. deeply. women who love women know exaclty what I'm talking about.

the ahj? I don't want to fuck women. isn't that just so depressing!? to me it is. women come onto me, brazenly. beautiful, smart women. I can't find the desire to dine. I've tried! I even made out with a bird once. if men were half as assertive as the dames I've met, they'd hear me screaming, where do you want my ankles in antarctica so loudly, their igloos would shatter.

I couldn't have been ambisextrous?! would it have KILLED the big-g to throw me a bone, something I could work with? a woman who loves women as much as I do really should be a lesbian.

what is the world coming to?

the spring issue of girlistic magazine is live!

what's this issue of girlistic all about, feminism & technology. run. download. read.

bitch dishes her latest album. paula lerner follows aghan birds. emily brant starts a media revolution. spins a myspace yarn about eating disorders. technology and choice. sex advice from that fucking feminist ++ the second installation of my vagina and me, my next ex. oh, and so much more.

run. read. download. or, run. read.

and they say a cunt can't change it's spots!

it's true! I've noticed a big lack of cunt in my blog of late and just wanted to breathe life back into the blessed CUNT. cunt. cunt. cunt. cunt. cunt fit. cunt rage. cuntity cunt cunt cunt.


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