Thursday, June 21, 2007

lewch... the gift that keeps on givin

lewchers sent me the funniest 5 second video, I have ever seen in my entire life. I kid you not. make sure your sound is up and watch it at least a half dozen times. you will scream. it's too much.

cormac writes again!

so much for procrastinating. news?! it's fabulous... run. read. now.

paris writes a letter from jail

aww, it really pays not to finish high school. paris' handwritten letter

menses has commenced

at approximately 5 am, the lips parted for the womb to percolate one unfertilized egg. I will admit that I love my menses. it reminds me that everything is in working order. mind you, I could do without the crampers.

rye rye, self help, any thoughts on my cycle this month?

looking for mr. jesus

in case you were wondering, HE is going on a cruise with leewee in november. oh, isn't it exciting. premier christian cruising is hosting a jonsing for jesus leepee fest in mexico halla-fuckin-loo.

3 reasons to go on the Girl's Get-A-Way Cruise 2007

1. Refresh! Get away from the hustle and bustle for a fun-filled vacation at sea. The Girl's Get-A-Way Cruise offers a chance to recharge your batteries and come away renewed.
2. Reconnect! Come sail away with some of your favorite people. Mothers and daughters. Friends from way back. Women in your church circle. Make this cruise a time to renew those relationships that mean so much to you.
3. Rejoice! Join thousands of other women on a cruise that will lift your spirits. Nightly concerts. Afternoon seminars. Devotional times. Morning praise. It's all a part of this 5-day, 4-night inspirational retreat for women.

and here I thought she was searching for HIS small still voice. someone has got a case of the pinocchio's. (ps) say pinocchio three times. such a weird name, no? (ppss) I wasn't invited. it's time for a letter...


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