Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Infomercial

If you missed it, here it is. Watch it for inspiration, hope and the promise of change, something I do believe This One will actually deliver.

I'm so proud of my family. Each has been proactively involved in his campaign, from donating money to volunteering and getting the message out there: VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA and JOE BIDEN.

Sex and Politics

From my friend Patrick, Cabbage Patch Politics: Where McCain and Obama Can Both Win. Ha.

Obama Leads or Is Tied in 8 Key States, fab.

If we can turn our heads for just a wee minute from politics to, oh, I don't know, SEX. I have some delicious dish. My good friend Al Sensu is dispensing SEX ADVICE on Hard and Fast. Oh, man, this child was born to drop pearls of cum laced wisdom. Check it out, yo. You will not be disappointed:

Deep Throat (you want to do it or get it), Anal Angst (how many times have we all said that?), I Lost my Female Best Friend (awww. I feel for the guy).

After the read, e-stalk Al for advice. I have. Knock wood, I can now suck a bagel through an Asian man's cock. We all need a trick of the trade.

God, I hope my father doesn't read that last bit...

God Save the Queens

Palin Effigy Prompts Visit From Feds. West Hollywood, home of the brave and the proud is making a bold statement against Palin and McCain, a duo that wants to pray the gay away and send hold-outs to a remote island. In response, the Feds came for a social call? I digress. And. It's Hall-a-fuckin-ween. The parade will be filled with Palin and McCain drag queens done right for a change, and for less than 150K in clothing and 28K in make-up.
Are they kidding? The Feds.


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