Saturday, June 21, 2008

Graduation Day

My sister Kerri, is graduating this morning. I am so proud of the girl!

We had dinner with my dad and Nick, youngest brother, last night, fab. I know it's a shitty picture. I was laughing when I took it. Cut a girl some slack. Is he not a riot?! So 21. I forgot what I was like when I was 21 and quickly remembered after 5-minutes. He's a great kid, brilliant and hilarsquared. The picture I took of my dad sucked ass. I'll get anothah one today, to post on Sunday.

I owe the divine miss FreidaBee an e-stalk, my onlineBFFfaheva, CormacB and my Frannylish. By Sunday, everyone will be e-stalked back.

Have a great weekend everyone. I know I am grossly behind on reading your fab bloggys. Sunday, I'm all ovah ya asses.



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