Saturday, March 01, 2008

What's a Girl to do?!

We're so bullet pointing right now. It's my latest obsession yet again... And, wait, I'm in non-sequitur mode.

  1. I am OCD about looking for themes in my life, both positive and negative. Precipitated by my insatiable desire to unearth the origin of issues and answers to questions.
  2. I'm also a raging pain in my own ass and the ass of others. For such an ass driven bird, you'd think I'd love anal sex, but I don't. Go figure?!
  3. Have you noticed that as we get older, we have more days where we say, "Today was great, but," instead of "Today was great, period"?
  4. I need new bras and I am so not in the mood to go rack shopping.
  5. The hallways in the buildink I'm living in smell like mold. Creepy. Calling the slumlord on Monday to hock a chinek.
  6. I'm ovulating.
  7. Week was good, but...

I'm so dull today. Forgive me. Tomorrow, I'll post something dishylish.


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