Tuesday, June 13, 2006

music. guy. denial. fehatty.

thin music versus fat music
some songs sound so much thinner than other songs. example: Holly Brook's song, "Still Love." this is a thin song. it makes a girl want to brood on the streets of manhattan with a hallow stomach in a belly revealing t-shirt at 6 am with a back drop of garbage trucks and cursing garbage men.

whereas, miss shoulder pads and cinched at the ankles, jeans, alannah myles song, "black velvet," is a fat song. you want to stuff your gob with pots and pots of cheese, sour cream and ice cream, listening to that tune. it conjures bingey, purgey imagery.

everyone has a guy
there are certain things that everyone you ask in the free world has a guy for. example: you need computer work done, your carpets cleaned or that thing-a-ma-jig fixed, you ever notice how everyone seems to have a guy for that. he's always the cheapest and works the fastest. by the time you turn around 15 people later, your carpets are now hardwood floors and your in receipt of a new laptop, all free.

denial. what's bad?
I was thinking the other day... denial is great. it's also free, so why is everyone pushing me out? why are they all so hell bent on me fleeing? In denial, I have such a fabulous and fulfilling life. I'm thin. I work full-time as a writer. I'm coffin free. I have no financial woes. I live back home in nyc where I belong. I am surrounded by my family and closest bestest friends. my dog has perfect knees. I date men so fabulous, I can't decide who I want to commit to so I don't bother. what gives? why is this such a horrific place to be?!

this is my new self-deprecating nickname.


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