Monday, July 10, 2006

creepy chick syndrome

katie: dude, I think I freaked out my distraction today
nicoleo: oh yeah
nicoleo: what happened?
katie: I developed a really scary case of creepy chick syndrome
katie: it was bad nicole
onicoleo: OMG!!!!
nicoleo: hahahahahaha
nicoleo: what did you do?!
katie: oh dude
katie: I can tell you without reservation or hesitation
katie: the truth
katie: well, I just kinda fuckin lost it
katie: got really inapropriately insecure
katie: and said, "what's wrong? am I boring you? am I irritating to you? i dont understand what's going on and why you havent emailed me back."
katie: then when I didnt hear back
katie: because I hadnt FREAKED HIIM OUT ENOUGH
katie: I thought, gee, katie, why dont you just terrify the pants off of him
katie: so I emailed him again and said, "oh, god, I think I just went all creepy chick syndrome on you. I am so sorry. I think I caught it from a girlfirend. it's really not my personality to creep people out, but well, I'm real sorry"
katie: dude, you think he emailed me back?
katie: of course not
katie: I had it bad today
nicoleo: dude he totally got creepy guy syndrome on you last week
katie: true, but let's face it, nicoleo, a guy has the luxury of creepy guy syndrome. women dont
katie: once we've been categorized, WE'RE FUCKED
katie: there's no turning back
katie: it's the titanic!
katie: balls to the wall destruction
katie: men sit shiva for this!
Katie: women forgive
nicoleo: good point. hahahaha. but hey - he's a distraction, and therefore fun to digitally fuck with
katie: HAHAHA
katie: you are so bad
katie: who the fuck goes creepy chick syndrome on a distraction anyway?!?!?!?
katie: what a dumb ass

lisa welchel's letter to jesus

Dear Lord, thank You for this struggle of obedience I am facing. Thank You for giving me an opportunity to choose You over myself. I resolve in my heart to obey You and resist temptation. I will not _________ (do the thing I was planning to do.) Now, Lord, I confess that I need your help. I cannot obey in my own strength. Be my Defender and my Deliverer. You are able to deliver the godly from temptation. Thank You for that. I will give you all the praise for the victory. Help me to walk in obedience with every step. Have mercy on me. I want to choose You. Help me. Give me strength and mercy when I am weak. Battle the forces of darkness on my behalf because of Your goodness. I am your child and servant and I look to You to be bigger than me and take care of me. Thank You, Daddy.

for me, the thank you, daddy, just sends it home. I'm talking standing ovation worthy performance in creepiness squared. THANK YOU, DADDY!

the shame.....


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