Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dish galore

alicia keys new song... no one. heard it? it's a lil poppy, but I love ha.

I think I have an eye inFUCKtion. my left ball and lower lid hurt like a mother bitch and the swelling --oy, don't ask. running to an eye specialist tomorrow to get the scoop. alls I can say, and I do mean alls, is that it better not be serious. you know when YOU KNOW you just can't go another round? like you seriously need five more minutes to catch your breath before you can. yeah. I'd say that's where this heeblette's at.

what else? I wrote. pined for the kid. wrote about the kid. I'm still howling from the beauty queen thinking there's a state in the US called "Such As". I wish I was holding the microphone when she delivered that debacle. I would've laughed so hard, the tears would've been streaming down my face at 90 mph.

my naybah's dawta had big Sapphic fun yesterday. while mother was away, she got her cat on IN the shower with another tweeny girl and boy. I now have leverage the next time she scowls at me and you know damn well I'm gonna use it. I think a very simple, listen missy, I know about your afternoon nosh in the shower, so if I were you, I'd back-the-fuck-off, should kill that scowling snatch. her mother thinks she's perfect. oh, what a tangled web we weave.

it's time for me to make myself horizontal. I'm seeing double. that's not festive. bye-bye now.


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