Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chris Crocker

The goddess that is diva Chris COCKer has updated her MySpace page. She's even included a sassy top model photo gallery. I love this queen. Did you know she's a preacher?! Can you be a Catholic preacher? If not, she must convert right now. Have you seen the robes? Divine! She would look gorgeous in this one, it's very dramatic. With an open toe gold heal and the right up-do, this one screams come fuck me. Final robe, I promise. It's just so perfect for a parade, right?!

Putting the Fun in dysfunctional

The meshpucha sped right past The Thornbirds remake today. How did we do it? Baggage. God forbid one piece of luggage be thrown out JUST TO BALANCE the load a bit. Oh, no, no, no. That would be responsible and make others happy. Who cares. They're mine and I love them.

My sister is on her way ovah. Can't wait.

We had a fabulous social call. I like this, real time blogging. Ok, I'm done now. I'm exhausted and need to make myself horizontal. I am listening to Nessun Dorma--that helps a lot.

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Photo Credit: OuttaContext.


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