Tuesday, October 31, 2006

take opium!

Katie Schwartz On Amy Guth: The Three Fallen Women by Amy Guth
this was so much fun to do and I was so happy that amy thought of me! check it out! it's fantastic squared.

if you haven't read opium magazine. it's so addictive. best fat free high o' the week. any week really. there are oodles of great yarns: sumptuous stories. delicious interviews. brazen reviews. and art that will take your wig off. run. read. now. opium.

ps: if you haven't bought amy's book yet, three fallen women, buy it! read it. my copy is en route from amazon. be patient. they can be a bit slow. but, you know it's worth it, yo!

congratulations to hell!

mazel tov to, Editorials from Hell's leading daily newspaper, the brimstone daily pitchfork. 4,000 uniques a day and growing!!!

it's a proud, proud day when you've got hits from halliburton and hate mail from right wing fascists. left wing lovers and readers who can't get enough of your ass.

the articles are fuck off amazing and hell's journalists are fearless, brilliant writers. run. read. NOW. go to hell.

the big vagina is cumming!

oh yes, my lip loving friends, an interview with the big vagina is en route and it is is going to be cuntastic!

I am dripping with joy.

"your vagina. see it. love it. own it." owned and operated by a proud, glistening and glowing V.

interview coming next week...

this halloweeny

I ate thai food and fucked my vibrator, paco. oh, please. who the fuck am I kidding. nothin' was gettin' in or gettin' out tonight. the V was, and remains on lockdown for bad behavior. she was a bad girl last night. bitch was out of control. such a snatch. oompha. sometimes a girl's gotta manage her meat and show her who's boss. boundaries, sweetie. we just don't see eye to V sometimes. it's becoming an issue. she can be a real slutty, opinionated, lippy whore and I'm tired of it! you know the yarn. it's centuries old. there's always that one boy (or girl, depending on how your lips part) who cunteen just can't say no to.

mother fucker.


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