Wednesday, August 30, 2006

that jesus sure is a good time charlie

and so generous. each day, jc takes time out of his busy schedule to keep me in the christian loop, delivering all sorts of e-goodies to my inbox: christian mortgage products. christian debt counseling. christian singles sites. christian recipe's. so far my favorite sites have been the christian joke sites with an emphasis on clean humor. clean, meaning, they don't use bad words like, liberal, democrat, fiscal responsibility or budget.

I didn't think it was possible for jc to outdo himself, but who better than the master of tricks himself. one of his trusted lackeys sent me an email today letting me know that by simply emailing her back, I will receive a 9 mm dollar inheritance to continue doing his work.

the most amazing thing about her email was learning that jesus himself feels that I do good work. I knew jesus emailed me, of course, but I had no idea he made time to read my blog! especially now with yet another mid-east crisis. I assumed his vacation plans were squelched. no doubt I'll be receiving some type of divine stamp on my blog. you know, the ol', jesus' stamp of approval.

anyway, I've never been a selfish dame, so if you're doing godly work like me, drop me a line, I'm happy to share his money with you too!!!

what will that jesus think of next!

dress up jesus dot com

fuck fat rolling panties

yeah. you heard me. I HHHHHate fat rolling panties. the in case of emergency undies that sit at the bottom of your drawer. the ones you take out, out of necessity because you're too god damned fat and lazy to do laundry. they barely cover the beav and give you a sweet plumbers crack. spending hours taunting your fat roll to fit.

mother fucking self esteem killing textiles! I should burn them. if I wasn't so laundry phobic, I would.


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