Tuesday, May 15, 2007

leewee's back... kind of.

leewee's posted a breath of content in her journal this week.

Lisa Whelchel Weekly Journal
May 11, 2007
Sabbatical From Writing

“Dear friends, I am taking a sabbatical from writing for awhile. Please read through some of my archived “Coffee Talks” and don’t miss out on the journal entries from the “Family Dream” trip around America. Thanks for understanding and for your prayers during this time of being still and seeking to know Jesus with deeper intimacy.”

Blessings, Lisa

this was written before falwell dropped dead (speaking of falwell, top 10 still to come). how much deeper can she go with him? they've been in the closet together rockin' out to her ipod. she has chronic face-to-penis sessions with jesus. how much more intimate is she looking to be with the man?

what does stillness have to do with jesus? do we know? correct me if I'm wrong, but he's a schlepper, a real mover and a shaker. I just don't see him as a still kinda guy.

and, what about us, leewee, huh? cp and I rely on your ongoing guidance. this sabbatical could not have come at a more inopportune time for us. by the way, lees: family dream trip around america really isn't a decent parting gift.

mickey avalon jane fonda

best song every written. listen now. click. ga-head.

wtf myspace?!

I cannot figure out how to use myspace. I am so myspace-tarded. I don't know how to invite friends, not that I know so many myspacers. and, nobody wants to be myspace friend. what the fuck?! come on, people. myspace me already! geez louise. oy vey katie <- that's my-myspace. show me what to do. give me a myspace-tutorial. oh, ps: how do you change backgrounds and shit?

ding dong the dick is dead

hallelu and praise jesus, jerry falwell has peeled out. the spawn of satan himself is dead as a doornail. dead. dead. dead. he must be sooo bummed that he didn't make it to heaven.

the top 10 reasons to celebrate the passing of jerry falwell will be posted in a few hours. ya'll come back now, ya heah!

ooh, I am so excited, I'm as happy as a liberated gay, black hooker pullin' a train on the new zealand soccer team.



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