Friday, August 29, 2008

And Now A Word From Coco's Cavernous...

... Say it with me.

Thanks to my good friend Teeny for sending me this ginormous shot of Coco Grand Rapids and some research on Coco's website, she has a lot to say. Or should I say alot to say.

In case you were wondering about Coco's breasts and if they're real, here are the facts straight from her V, also found on the BIO link: "My breasts have been enhanced (ya don't say?!) and they've been done since late in my 18 years age (that's a sentence I'd want to repeat). I've always had nice sized breast (breastSSSSSSS) but I just wanted them to fit my shape and I love to go braless" (forTUNAtely, your breasts will survive you, and your braless corpse can bounce into eternity. Happy?).

If you log onto her site and hit BLOG ATTACK, you'll see this dandy note, too: "Blog Attack (with an image of big red lips) A lot of ugly blogs are out there saying some really mean things about your Coco. It's easy when no one ever says anything back. Speak up on my behalf. Pick a link (I didn't see my fucking link. We're supposed to guess?! You're making us think?) and fire away. Let them know how you feel. Attack! (that's butch)"

Coco's ....


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