Saturday, April 07, 2007

midnight hour, running away

the band's name sounds 80s, but omg, it's a fab song. totally worth repeating a gazillion times! good lyrics and these guys are like, 10, so please.

jesus christ the musical

one of my favorite bloggers, chaylene of better living through bacon (who was supposed to be in my fucking blogroll. argh), e-stalked me the most fuck off fabulous video to date, jesus christ the musical. fan-fucking-tastic. chayleneish, you are a goddess. THANK YOU!!!

happy easter

tomorrow is a big goy day! happy easter my non-jewish love muffins. after the lashings, running, stabbing and hanging jesus went through, oy, to schlep back three days later unscathed. you gotta give it up to the boy.

ps: he certainly does look provocative in a loin cloth.

all jokes aside, have a glorious easter! happy egg hunting and noshing.


creepy links of the day

courtesy of my favorite doc, into the sunrise.

"Biblical womanhood is not a "white thing." When we get letters that claim this, we can only shake our heads. Scripture clearly teaches we are all of "one blood"--the only race is the human race (Acts 17:26). To say emulating the godly standards of Scripture is "white" is insulting to people of all colors. You are not a better Christian if you are white. To believe so is to deny our common heritage in Eden. LAF has black, hispanic, and oriental writers, but we don't screen people for skin color or keep a quota system. We're all sisters."

I cruised the whole site and out of a gazillion super white ladies, I saw two shvatsah dames and one beige broad. this is their splash of color? their commitment to sisters?

So many women today were not taught how to run a household efficiently while in the care of their mothers. God gives guidelines for how a virtuous woman lives. Proverbs 31 is an empowering look at the role of women. Not only is a virtuous woman righteous in the Lord, but she is a loving wife and mother, a smart shopper, a seamstress, a gardener, a good housekeeper, and trains her children with wisdom. Her husband appreciates her and can praise her to his associates and friends because she is worthy of praise. Is this attainable for the average Christian woman? Absolutely! All things are possible through Christ. With prayer and study and a little know-how, we can all be "Proverbs 31 women."

oh, in that case, sign me up! so much for hopes, dreams, goals and PASSION. how can those qualities NOT be virtuous? that's the embodiment of striving for excellence.

don't forget elaine soloway's reading saturday night at the uptown writer's space in chicago!


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