Friday, March 31, 2006


to me, hoodia sounds like clit removal. why name a diet drug, hoodia? it's such a stupid name.

dixie chicks

ROCK! you must listen to their new song, not ready to make nice. their political agenda against the war and moxie to speak out against it in the face of such hideous backlash from the christian reich is so amazing! support the chicks.

beavers with voices :) what's not to love?!

today, all I want to do is...

kvetch some more.
eat. fat. gobs and gobs of fat. preferrably in the sodium realm.
fart. I think farting is divine. why people must hold back, I will never understand. who wants to get all squeezed up with gas?!

just in case...

cipro is DISGUSTING. my doctor refuses to give me a liquid prescription for it. and what pisses me off about that is it's because he wants me to learn to swallow pills. hi, choke phob. what part of, I will never swallow a fucking pill, do you not understand?!?!?! for the love of god. when I was on birth control pills, I crushed them. it is what it is. I don't swallow pills.

and cipro is so nauseating. ugh.

it could be worse.

what's in a name, etc.

holly and molly are such non-jew names, aren't they? you just don't get jews with those names. not that katie is such a jewey name either. and I'm named after my great grandmother, katie and my great grandfather, louie. I have a cousin louie katie. I'm katie louie. funny, no?

so, yesterday when I was at the park, some guy asked me if he could buy my dog?! I said, "if I asked you to buy your kid, would that be appropriate?" he said, "this is different and I want your dog. he's so beautiful." I said, "yeah. too fuckin bad. he's not for sale."

the shame.


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