Tuesday, May 30, 2006

IM'ng with Nicole

nicole: we stopped at the car wash
nicole: and i forced him to play a game of Mrs. Pac Man
nicole: remember that game?
katie: dude, yeah
nicole: after the first two levels, they have the little scene where pac man and mrs. pac man first meet
nicole: and i say, bitterly, "little does she know how much he will FUCK HER OVER later!"
nicole: SO BITTER
nicole: omg
katie: that's so funny
nicole: he looked at me like I was a nut case
katie: that’s a keen observation. It’s good you’re cursing mrs. pacman out
katie: because shes being a naive cow
nicole: right?!?!
katie: YEAH
nicole: pac man is an ASS in disguise
nicole: hee hee hee
nicole: pac man sucks
katie: totally. he’s a prick
katie: a big yellow testicle

how's life going, katie?

well, katie, life sucks big-fat-jew-dairy-nobody-fucking-calls-me-back-everybody-dismisses-me-I-HATE-people, ass.

gee, schwartz, why not be a little more victimee. come on, I know you can muster that pussyfied feeling and magnify it times 10.


it's god damned everything.

I swear to god, I am the epitome of frustration and angst.

in the meantime, how do you like the dame who was struck by lightening while praying on her linoleum floor? as soon as she said, amen, lightening struck. I wonder which zealot will be in contact with her. now, will she get disciple status for this? or like a formal god's chosen soldier award?

brangelina had their child, shilock. I mean, shiloh.


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