Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Millennium Depression

If we find ourselves in a Depression, like the Great Depression of 1929, what will life look like? What will be the plan? Will there be looting? Will homelessness increase? Will senior citizens and individuals who rely on government income and housing be turfed?

Will I still have to pay my debt to the IRS? Will I even be able to buy stamps? Will there be vegan and gluten free friendly lines? What about vegetarian soup kitchens? Will we be hunting and skinning chickens and drinking unpasteurized milk from the nipples of cows?

What will we wear? Will we be homeless chic? Will the Internet still be accessible and if so, from where? How will I get my prescriptions filled? Will pharmacists be a thing of the past? Will I get food stamps? How will they be delivered if the building I’m living in is foreclosed? Will I be kicked out, or will I be slumming it? Will there be enough water to shower? If so, how frequently? If I wanted to sell my worldly possessions, who will I sell them to? Will I have electricity? Will there be air raids for callback shits and giggles? What about gas masks? Will they be en vogue? Will we be a Deco nation again? Can we loot vinty boutiques for flapper gowns and hold hairdressers hostage to revamp our Do's? Will vacant buildings begin to crumble and echo sounds of former junkies now living in better quarters?

Specifically, what will happen if the market crashes? I don’t have a Do it yourself Depression kit. Moreover, I don’t think I have Depression skills, not physical ones anyway, and aren't those the ones that matter? Should I increase my exercise regimen? I can’t sew or darn socks. I can barely knit a sweater, though I can knit a scarf. Gloves are out. Oh, but gloves sans fingertips were all the rage during the Depression. Will they come back? Will we find ourselves hovering over garbage can fires at night? Will make our own firewood by tearing down houses we've looted. Assuming we're going to be a nation of looters, of course.

Should I take all of my money, not that it’s so much, out of the bank? Should I stop paying rent or send less each month and claim I need to save what little I have? Should I move in with my family? Oh, wait, I love them hard, but we’d kill each other. H
mm… wait, there is that looming Depression thing. What to do, what to do. What to do.

If we borrow that proposed 700 billion dollars, can we rename Black Tuesday Black Bush? The semi-crash we’re experiencing now isn’t a full-on crash, so there’s that. And I suppose that is what Bush is going for, right? I mean, right? That is his plan, isn't it? To turn us into a third world country or a depressed nation. The HAVES will no longer HAVE anything. The HAVE NOTS, let's face it, we're accustomed to a decent style of living, even if it isn't plush by other's standards.

What is the fucking DEPRESSION PLAN?! Somebody please tell me what we're going to do if we find ourselves in a Depression in the next few weeks, or months. The only upside that I can think of is that I'd be thin.

Last Day to Vote!

Shalomers Lovers. Today is the last day to vote on JDC's essay Sometimes I want to call Cindy McCain a Cunt, Too. Leave your vote in comments here. This is a damn close race, folks. Damn close. Those Bojamacakes are calling.

Tomorrow, I will be posting my girl Frannylish's yarn.

I have two more spaces left in October, peeps. Estalk me your yarns, videos, audio clips, whatever you wish. I'm all eyes and ears.

Five Scandalicious PoliQ Meems

First, this kick ass image is courtesy of @JPostman on Twitter, social networking guru and author. Thank you, J.

Second, THANK YOU to every blogger who participated in the poliQ Meem. So far, we are up to 18 (as far as I know). I'm kvellarella. I am hoping this week, we can hit 20! Spill the beans and viralate this meem. Ooh, I think I'm happy with viralate as a new made up word. Thoughts? Love? Hate? Maybe?

The more we discuss the issues in this forum, the more I hope we sway moderates and independents, even libertarians fencing and wondering why they should bother voting. Every poli blogger who posted the poliQ Meem here, here, here and here not only shared their personal point of view, but maintained extraordinary objectivity and presented honest, insightful facts about the economy -- especially -- where we're headed if another republican is elected into office. And how much the middle and working class have suffered during the past eight-years. Can we really afford more of the same? Seriously?! Personally, I feel Palin is the devil's mistress and McSlain is a fucktard with one foot on the peel. Objectively, we will hit a depression and economic disaster if they win, period. Sorry. I'm blueJewin' it on that one, kids.

However... I am proud to bring you five more fabulous poliQ meems, all are new bloggers to me. Each offers a unique perspective on similar issues and are definitely worth the read.

The Quaker Agitator is most furious about the wars, yes wars, not war: within our country and abroad and the economic fallout as a result. QA spilled about education, too. My favey quote was in response to the question if McCain/Palin were to win this election where we'd be in four years "To hell, quickly, in an Alaskan hand basket. With wolf fur trim." HA. Though, he's right. His response to question #6 will take your mothah fuckin wig off! Final quotable that I la-havd "John McCain selected Ms. Palin simply and only for the sake of political expediency, and because, I believe, some other folks wanted her on the ticket to satisfy their agendas. And that makes this choice rash, and dangerous." What are you waiting for? Click, beautiful babies, click.

Liberality is a divine dame, she's a hippie by her design. The issues she's most passionate about in this election are the restoration of our civil liberties, ending the war and preserving the environment. She writes at length about the severity of our economic sitch and the realities we face if Obama/Biden don't make it into office. Favorite quotable, "We have lost our civil rights. We have become a broken country with a broken government. We went from having a balanced budget, with a peace time surplus, to a huge debtor nation on the brink of collapse." She's sooooo right! Run. Read. Now.

Border Explorer is a volunteer and an activist. Her biggest issues, the war, peace, foreign policy, the economy, international trade, constitutional rights, health care and the environment. Ooh, good quote "Our economy is bottoming out. Irresponsible spending has bankrupted us." Sad, but true. You gotta read this one, tootsie rolls.

A Feather Adrift's issues are health care, the war and foreign policy. Her points regarding eliminating lobbyists and removing business from politics were excellent. For the love, we've become a war mongering big business government and we've been fucked because of it. Good quotey-quote "Palin is unqualified pure and simple, and an embarrassment internationally." And "Sarah Palin is not fit to run a day care center let alone a country." You disagree? Didn't think so. Read.

Okjimms Eggroll Emporium's take is snarky, funny and wise. His issues of concern, the war and when "Palin is going to finish that bridge from Alaska to Hawaii". Ha. Check it out, yo.


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