Tuesday, July 25, 2006

steve wants to know why I think evangelical christians are sickos

Steve on 7:48 PM
Why are evangelical christians sickos? They have made the only sensible decision they could make. The have accepted the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and follow what it says. Jesus is at the centre of their lives so naturally it influences what they believe and how they behave. Somehow, secular liberals foisting their beliefs and opinions on others is Ok but any hint of a Christian expressing a view or supporting a policy which accord with his or hers moral principles is to be rooted out. Come on! Look at the plank in your own eye!

oh steve, dear misguided steve. you want to know why evangelical christians are sickos? well, I'll tell you. you want governmental control so that you can define what is appropriate for my body, what I watch on television, what I read, and how I live my life. you do not support my civil liberties under the constitution. you want them rewritten and regulated by the bible.

how dare you!

  • a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy. choosing to do so doesn't make her any less pro-life.
  • you don't advocate stem cell research, an extraordinary and important science that can slow down, and possibly even cure alzheimer's, parkinsons, diabetes, some forms of cancers, and spinal cord injuries.
  • you're not intelligent enough to realize that you have a remote control and are free to change the channel as you see fit. you'd prefer the government to decide what is appropriate for us to watch.
  • you support censorship in all mediums.
  • you are intolerant of others.
  • you go into poor countries rich in ancient history and culture and tell them that if, and only IF they become born again zealot christian freaks like you, you will feed them, educate them, and house them.
  • you don't support homosexuality, much less homosexuals being treated as equals, receiving the same entitlements and benefits that heterosexuals do.

liberals don't tell you how to live your life, you do. and that is why you and your creepy evangelical christians are sickos.

you have no concept of what the bible is or what jesus represented. you've skewed it into your twisted perverse reality. in fact, if he does shlep back into town, you ain't gonna be saved, pal.

I have a feeling nicoleo, write-p, doc, crowley and other outspoken, articulate writers will have much, much more to add on this subject.


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