Monday, September 24, 2007

Chris Crocker

Nathan Lane might have broken ground on the first glory hole, but Queenie COCKer has given them new meaning. I love this kid. Bethy sent me some articles about him and I gotta tell ya, he's a fuckin' inspiration. Kid lives in a rural Southern ass backwards town. Thanks to the Internet and this fagellah's creativity, he's pushing his way out, and into the world.

Think about all of the gay teens in similar circumstances that sadly become victims of hate crime or feel so desperate they take their own lives. Yeah, he's flamboyant, but he's fabulous. Of course he's not representative of many gay men. He's out there literally and figuratively.

He needs a better stage name... Toss your ideas into the salad ;0

Associated Press and The Stranger (Beautiful interview).

PS: Doesn't he look like Avril Levigne in that photo?


I would hate to have phone sex with someone I didn't know for fear they might have a heart attack during said p-sex. If I didn't know their address, what would I say, "Cough your address and I'll call 911?"

There's no way I could just hang up and say, "Good luck ta'ya." If they died. Oy vey, the guilt would kill me. I suppose if it was post orgasm, it would diminish the guilt. I'm just speculating. Reaching? Semantics...


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