Sunday, July 29, 2007

what the fuck jewgirl?

  1. I'm homesick today.
  2. I'm tired.
  3. I have nothing interesting or funny to say.
  4. I slept horribly last night.
  5. my dog vomited by my head this morning. great wake up call. so aromatic. really. truly disgusting.
  6. I owe beautiful beth and the simian stud meems. you know I love meems. still. I suck fat, greezy homeless ass for not doing it yet.
  7. I washed my car today.
  8. I cleaned my house.
  9. I just realized my neighbor from across the street tries to glance through my window to see my tits. I'm a lil' pissed about it actually.
  10. it was my sister's b-day on friday. happy birthday kerri berry.
  11. I'm retaining a shitload of water. I think I'm ovulating.
  12. I just want to watch lawr and ordah and do nothing. but, I can't.
  13. I want to sleep, but I can't do that either. I couldn't sport sleep for all the bagels in brooklyn.
  14. I haven't hit any of my favey blogs this weekend.
  15. I haven't hit my christian zealy blogs either.
  16. I haven't been online that much this weekend.
  17. I'm just a blue jew right now.
  18. it'll pass
  19. I'm way into bullet points at the minee. can you tell?
  20. everyone is waiting.
  21. I'm waiting, too.
  22. more later.
  23. love,
  24. jewgirl


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