Tuesday, June 12, 2007

new abortion bill to require fetal consent

New Abortion Bill To Require Fetal Consent

special olympics of grocery shopping

while frequenting our usual grocery store today, unbeknownst to us, we checked out on the special line. we had a lovely retarded checker and a super special bagger. it was a-ok that each item was bagged individually and that it took a lot more time. not an ish. things went awry when one of those fights broke out between them. you know, the screaming, curled fist, god I hope they don't kill each other or that I'll have to re-shop for the shit I just bought, kind of fights. believe it or not, that was even doable. though, I was worried... things got offensive when the store manager said, with a straight face, we try to help these people, but sometimes they're just more retarded than we realize.

as if there's a retardation scale. what is their plan, to hire semitards? slightards? halftards? what? the fuckin shame of it. so, I said to him, you do realize what you just said could be perceived as offensive, right? he said, no. with a straight face. no. I couldn't let it go, say I says to him I says, here's some free advice. don't say that to someone. it makes you look stupid and it's offensive
. he kicked me out of the store.

fuck em'! people suck ass sometimes.

ps: got a hellnine Q4U, whenever my dog is about to eat and hears me putting food into his bowl, he runs to the front window and barks. now, is he doing this to show off because he's about to nosh like a king? or, is he doing this because he thinks he has to work for food? wtf?


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