Friday, April 14, 2006

if I recall

wasn't there a band called, putySTANK. or is that a slang term, and I've totally missed the "hip" cue?!

please click!

he's famous. I know it's creepy. forgive the katie.

my guilty pleasure

bull riding. I'm obsessed. every time I watch, I feel SO GUILTY. I hate that they tie these poor bulls balls. It's horrific. totally disgusting and wrong on every level. I'm a vegetarian! but I do wear leather. I'm not a veggie for political reasons. it's an allergy to meat and seafood. the only meat I can have is cock.

anyway, shame on me for watching bull riding, but I love it. it's so bible belt. plus, the crotch shots are fantastic! and their all so stupid. the announcers are a riot, so full of themselves. always praying, hocking. blah blah blah.

you know that stupid song, martika's kitchen? it popped into my head and I can't fucking get it out! I haaaaaaaaaaated that stupid fuck nut of a song. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd

bush's approval rating

keeps dropping! there is a god and he is a democrat!

keywords Katie's blog is coming up on of late...

tad wimmer:: who is tad wimmer and why is my blog coming up on that search?

homeless hottie:: my sister ran into hottie homeless the other day. apparently he's gotten rid of the stretch ball clothing and shaved his head. making his homeless allure even more enticing.

vaginal rejuvination:: always creepy

katie's world:: I think I'm flattered :)

women suspended in air:: again, how is this possible?

fuck my mom:: this is just wrong on every level.

humdinger vibrator:: ?!

no title

while I was playing catch with louie jew at the patch of grass, some women in a fucking volvo stopped her car, got out and screamed, "excuse me. excuse me. you are on school grounds. you're not allowed to have your dog on the grass. there's even a sign that says so."

I was like, huh?!

then I got pissed off and said, "what do you care? it's not your school."

and she said, "I'm telling on you if you don't stop it right now."

what are we, fuckin 10?!

I didn't stop. what do I care. so she pulls forward and stops, sitting in her car, glaring at me through her rearview mirror. I wanted to scream, go fuck yaself.

I felt so sorry for her daughter. you know she HAAAAAAAAAATES her mother. her mother is annoying cunt bag who needs her gash pulverized by some well hung laborer instead of the nebbish fuck nut who loathes sleeping beside her night after night.

someone make this bitch cum!


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