Tuesday, July 10, 2007

why jewgirl didn't do a peeny poll

I see that my vadge poll has stirred quite a lot of ahj from the veypeens. someone even suggested that my actions were sexist (ha! as if). women have a much different relationship with their v's than men have with their cockadoodledo's.

whether a man is sporting 3 inches or a dozen inches, he holds court daily and has a shrine to his pleasure plunger. he is incessantly fascinated by the cool white shit that comes out of the tip and anything he can stick it into, including but not limited to, a toasty watermelon with a widget hole to simulate the blessed cunt.

truth: I envy that men have such a deep, organic appreciation for their peens. bunch'o bitches. seriously:: you are very lucky.

women on the other hand have a much different relationship with their vagina's. if we're not stressing about vulva placement, color, clitoral location or scent, we're freaking out about her drool factor when not aroused. we are delighted by a daily barrage of reasons to worry about and loathe our cunts.

"she's got mud flaps." "I ony fuck coin slots." "dude, she had an echoing grand canyon sized puss." "ewww. she had a puffy beef box." "for just 3K, you can have the vagina of your dreams with vaginal rejuvenation." "do your lips stick out? for $1,500 we can give you a porn star pussy."

I could go on for days, children. seriously: the poll was to get women talking about their delicious, moody pussies and for the men who love them to spill about that beav love.

cool? cool.


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