Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Have A Lot of Offensive Ground to Cover, so Perk Up or Click Away, I'm Just Sayin'

Teens Make Pregnancy Pact to get pregnant (WAIT, the pod just peeled. Back in a minee). I'm back. Didjya miss me? Just kidding. I think I whacked the pod. I plugged it in and it's not syncing up. It's okay, don't panic, I have another music source. I'm covered.

Back to the topic at hand. Wait... Oh, right. Duh, Schwartzy. Six teenagers at Gloucester high school made a pregnancy pact. Consumed by determination, one broadette fucked a homeless chap. Can you imagine cruising homeless shelters for cock after school?! It's like a bad Families in Crisis daytime special.

These girls want to be single mothers. Each month, they'd take pregnancy tests and sob when they got a "-" sign instead of a "+" sign. Though the school is one that practices abstinence (God forbid we educate American children about safe sex), the school nurse does provide pregnancy tests. Imagine her surprise when the same lot of 15-year-old's cried tears of joy when they found out they were knocked up. Giddy, planning their baby showers for each other, assuming their parents would be over the moon and none to pleased to assist in raising their babies, a light bulb flickered in the nurse's head, finally.

It was on the Today Show. Time Magazine broke the story.

One of the teenagers, a graduate of Gloucester high school, got pregnant at 15, too, citing that she blamed celebrity single mothers because she looked up to them. Assuming the preggy sophomores felt the same way. This bothered me. The whole thing made me neesh, really. Though, her statement felt like Kosher salt on the wound. The argument that Hollywood is responsible for perpetuating violence, teen pregnancy, immoral lifestyles and a gazillion other things is the impetus for censorship and the republican platform good ol' fashioned family values (shove it all in the closet and under the rug). A parent's job is to raise their kids, not the media's. Where's the sense of responsibility? (I know, I know, I know, shut up, Schwartzy, Gaaaahd. It's my fucking blog.)

Last point, I promise... teenagers experiment sexually and it doesn't mean they lack morals, at least I don't think so. Public schools should educate children about sex and all of the responsibility that goes with it. The idea that passing out condoms is the equivalent of shoving a teenypeeny in another teeny's veewee is absurd. And, hello, abortion. It is a choice. Every teenager and woman should have the right to a safe and legal abortion. Period. Period. Period. (Well, that comes after the abortion). Anyhoodle-doodle-do, everyone knows I'm pro-choice/pro-life. Personally, I believe that an abortion is stopping a process, nothing more. Children should not be having children.

PS: (Okay, I do have one more point. Sue me), for some reason, I have always felt that if I were to have a child, I'd do it on my own anyway. Not that I wouldn't want a mans in my life. I just wouldn't let not having a partner stop me from having children if I wanted them. Ya feel me? Are we same paging? Fab.

When I read about the yarn today and watched it on MSNBC, it got me too twisted up inside. I feel sooooo bad for these girls. I wish their parents would've jumped in and given them some kind of education about sex and the realities of parenting.

Moving along...

The Outsiders: Teens Caught Between Freedom and Faith, Amish Adolescents 'Run Around' Before Committing to Church or Leaving Community.
Did anyone catch this yarn on ABC Primetime last night about the Amish? My father used to take us to see the Amish often, it was festive. I remember the smell of butter and those kitsch ensamblays, a bit too racy for my taste.
The story followed four Amish teenagers who fled to the outside world, it's called Ordnung. Essentially, in order to become ordained within the church, there is an unwritten rule that teens can experience life in the "English" world to make an informed decision. What killed me about this story was that if a teen decides to live in our world for good, they have to leave their family behind forever. What a horrific, gut wrenching decision to make. What fascinated me was that the kids who chose to remain outside share the same basic values they were raised with, they just wanted more freedom. Again with the extremists--oy.

One of the kids, he was so camp. During his Ordnung, his parents let him trick out his buggie with an iPod, woofers and sub-woofers, I think they're called. He was rockin' out to ACDC tooling around in his bad ass buggie. I liked the way his parents incorporated the outside world into the Amish world. Still. I can't imagine living such an extreme lifestyle or having to make the choice between family and freedom. I could see the torment and suffering in their eyes-- Oh, how they pined for their rents and sibs. Truly heartbreaking.

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