Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wendy's manager shot over chili sauce

I feel guilty posting this actually because it's such a bubs post. really, bubs, you're the one who should be posting this, not me. so, I expect a cross-post. pushy enough?

in flaaahrida, an employee refused to hand over more chili sauce and was shot... with a gun. yeah. ohhhkay. the employee cited company policy was to only hand out two sauces per bowl of chili. let's visualize that conversation, shall we?

wackjob: can I please get a few extra hot sauces?
manager: sorry, no. we're only allowed to give two per bowl of chili.
wackjob: please??? I really need extra hot sauce.
manager: sorry, it's company policy. only two per bowl.

so he takes out a gun and shoots the kid. what the fuck is that about? I'm not advocating shooting someone by any means. it's such a trailereena move. but, if you're going to whack somebody over hot sauce, what kind of a fuckin moron doesn't want to go to the top of the food chain literally?!


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