Wednesday, November 15, 2006

joyjuice on blair

in response to my, where is lisa welchel post, this is what mount joy said. it's so funny:

"You need to pray for her, Katie. Pray that Lisa will find time to write to us. And that she gets her period - because I am sure that she doesn't want to be "blessed" with another child at her age. And pray that she stops having those wicked thoughts about the young man at Hanson's Hardware, who seems oh-so-eager to help her with a hedge trimmer. Pray that she will forgive her husband for watching all that inter-racial porn, and most of all, pray that her schvartzer dealer gets back with a few ounces of blow to get her through to the weekend. Pray, Katie, pray!"

ps: mounty has a new barbie-blaire-dirty-diary blog called, my gash is on fire: cunttalk. what's not to love?


I know, I'm very into barbie and ken right now. it'll pass. like a yeast infection.

my today

today was like being hung by my finger nails on a rusty water pipe with slowly dripping hot water on my face and being anally gang banged by a hundred truckers. 50 plumbers and 80 foreign objects.

if I were even remotely hot and didn't trip in a heel, I'd hook. if I had a math brain, I'd madame. give all the girls a decent health plan. an ear to bend. fabulous tricks to fuck, and noshies for days.

I need a plan.

how do you like this creepy headline: Beijing police deny allegations they are killing dogs
"Witnesses in the Chinese capital say police have gone through neighborhoods, seizing unregistered dogs and killing them to enforce new restrictions that limit households to one dog and ban larger breeds as part of a campaign to fight rabies."

of course they're not whackin' hellnines. 1 million dogs in a city of 13 million.

what are we, stupid?!


ps: I lifted the "--" story break from vocab.


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