Tuesday, January 02, 2007

nominate al sensu!

guess what, al sensu, one of my favorite bloggers of, hard and fast and erotchism needs to be nominated for the sex blog awards. who knew such a thing existed?! well, it does, and sensu the heeblette definitely needs to win. read his yarns and rants.

skin deep

another favorite blog read, wildwoods spun a must read yarn. skin deep.

how many dependents can you claim?

I was asked this question today in a very matter-of-factly kind of way. it got me to thinking. I'm single. I have a dog. technically, I have one dependent, me. in actuality, I have 10.

why shouldn't my shortcomings count as dependents?! god knows they're time consuming, life sucking expenses that drain katie's economy. there's, needy bitch (only when I am pms'ng). ass pain of the year (that's me way too inside my head). angry cunt (it's justified*). resentful cow (also justified). idealistic, naive and prone to fits of, look on the bright side (that counts for three). incessant, unrelenting frustration (it's justified). overactive fear of death and neuroses glands. self esteem is a casualty of all of the above.

fuck dependents, I shouldn't be taxed at all.

(it's justified*) shut the fuck up. it's my blog. if I want to trek down the river of denial on an obscenely overpriced, luxurious, ecologically friendly yacht for another day or more, that's my perogative. capisce?!

are jewish girls raunchy?

I submitted my blog to a jewish blog directory inquiring about a link exchange. there are all types of jewblogs listed, including humor blogs.

the site owner emailed me back and said, a bit too raunchy for our audience. I emailed him back and asked, are jewish girls raunchy?

I don't know why that seemed a valid and fair question, but it did, and it still does.

it bothers me that he won't list my blog. but, he has the right to do that because it's his website. why shouldn't he be able to decide what's appropriate for his readership and what's not? it's his choice. sure, I could jump on my censorship horse and ride right into the, nobody chops this jew broad's freedom of speech, sunset. but, I won't do that.

it also bothers me that he considers my blog raunchy, even dressed up and couched in, a bit. at the end of the day, he's still slingin' raunch.

I looked up raunchy. not because I didn't know the meaning, but I was curious as to what the complete definition according to websters dictionary was. here it is:

1. vulgar or smutty; crude; earthy; obscene: a raunchy joke.
2. dirty; slovenly; grubby.
3. lecherous

the idea of being called, dirty, slovenly and grubby was a real blow to what little mockesteem I have. why didn't he just say, hey, you fat dirty fuck baby who probably poaches money clips from the geriatric set during twilight bingo games, we don't want your kind here.


listen, you over ripened pussy lipped letch, sing that song and dance somewhere else. you're not wanted.

so, he thinks I'm raunchy. why does it bother me? because he's sitting in judgment? because it's true, I am raunchy? or because he's banishing me? or could it be that not allowing his readers to make the decision for themselves is what's got my panties in a twist?

WHAT is it about this schmuck that's got a bug so far up my ass, the bug's colonizing and building a shrine with the few undigested crumbs he could score and shlep through the wasteland that is my colon?!

who knows. maybe if the past two days didn't suck the ass of a swine, it might not bother me. but, they did, and I do. so, until I don't...


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