Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have issues

I am core ocd about these christian blogs, yo. I'm bored senseless with them, too. I'm fascinated by the routines, the homemaking, the demure clothing, the submissiveness and the no joke worshipping. sure. it's all in the name of research for something I'm writing (they'll hate it).

still. I would love just once to see something like, I fucked my husband like mary magdalen last night. or. I'm so fuckin bored with my routine, I want to spit twice and die. or would it kill my husband to let me make a fuckin' decision? or what about A SKIRT ABOVE THE KNEE AND A HEEL. FOR THE LOVE, BABY. come on! throw me a bone. I know you want to. I just know it. I know it. I feel it. you know you want to cut loose for 5 minutes. go for it! scream. yell. rant. rave. whore yourself. suck random cock through a glory hole. tell your son to fall in love with a fabulous ginger peen.

ps: jesus was one seriously hot frum boy.

I have to write now. hacky bitch that I am. I need to quit putzin' around. woman up and make it happen.

hacks be gone

working on an essay. it's so hack. hate its fucking guts. I suck un-funny, hedonistic, frum ass.

neighbor girl is fighting with bartholomew. I didn't know bartholomew's yelled. it just seems like the kind of name that uses words like, nomenclature and antiquated. the name feels dull and very none yelly.

listening to wooden sky (thank you bffer-love'ha-hahd, guthy), maxwell, joni mitchell, vintage tupac, the tango project and the dixie chicks. love a good shuffle. I'm an aquarius. I'm allowed to have odd mixes.

bart is piiiiissed. if a peen talked to me the way he's talking to her, I would send his ass packing faster than I could say fuck you and die, manobee.

I spoke with a scotsman today regarding a delivery. I go all weak in the knees when I talk to scotsmen. I can't keep my legs together or concentrate. though, I prefer homegrown boys, reallllllllllllly I do. I have a terrible weakness for scotsmen. when I went to school in the uk, I spent a good amount of time in scotland. those scottish lads have mad oral skills. nobody should be allowed to eat pussy like this. it should be illegal. the scotpeens that feasted on my Y treated it like it was the last supper each and every time.

I'm still menstruating, but no cramps and a very light flow. ah, I'm back to loving my period. no more gaza vulva this month. I'm still panting for bushpads and even have a few ideas.

I never hear my neighbors fart. I think that's weird. I'm sure they can hear my tunes. what gives?! fart fuckers. come on. let er' rip.

I am officially boring. I can't believe it. I've managed to become dull and predictable. oy vey. don't break up with me.

don't forget: today 6s. tomorrow bethy's rockin blogger award.


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