Sunday, April 30, 2006

statistics, please

what is the percentage of married men more likely to trip and fall into a pussy versus a woman tripping and falling onto a cock?

does anyone know?


I finished my two essays this weekend. one is definitely done. the other needs to be tweaked. I'm still in the, this-is-so-fucking-hack-I-suck-and-I-haaaaaaaaaate-it, phase. it'll pass by the end of the day tomorrow.

one more to go...

christian bloggers

I have been perusing christian blogs again. I can't help myself. everything is in the name of the lord. it fascinates the hell out of me.

for example, in lw's blog this week, she's in the closet listening to music because god wanted her to, for like hours.


how? did he call her? what was the sign that she got from him to shlep into a closet and worship him? it sounds SOOOO oral sex to me.

we all have a mainline to god, but these zealots get messages that we don't.

curious, no?

we love our, you know you're crazy when

"I saved the world in Spain from all of these crazy terrorists, and nobody appreciates it! all they want to do is steal my money. If I die there might be a nuclear war, but Anastasia is so tired of protecting the world as nobody has ever loved or protected me."

I'm weird

it's a confession that I hate to admit, but it's true.

I can listen to the same song for days on end over and over and over again. I can eat the same food for weeks on end, too.

I've decided this is weird.


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