Saturday, July 07, 2007

times new roman

I think I'm having a bit of a love affair with times new roman at the minee. it's the way it italicizes. it's a bit vulva-lip-twitchable.


this image is so astonishing adventures magazine, isn't it?

moving right along. today: not as productive as I wish it had been. I didn't even finish a page. I suck ass. do you hear me, BIG ASS. I can't concentrate. I also might have a mold situation in my bathroom that has me on high alert. mold freaks me out like you don't know. not to mention the fact that come monday morning, my apartment manager will be spending a good part of the day in my succulent bathroom. oy. oy. oy.

weekend so far? spill.

I can feel it brewing

mother fuck.

the bird shit police

every time I park across the street from my buildink under the street lamp, my yachna neighbor screams (sight unseen)


it would be a nice gesture if he said, you might want to back up a little. but, this is a demand, bordering harassment. I could be on the phone or in the middle of a conversation with a passenger. fuck. juice and I could be exiting the car and he's hockin. thanks for your concern, but what if I like bird shit? what if I'm too cheap to spring for a paint job or I'm going for an organic white with a green hue?! back-the-fuck-off, bitch.

today, after berating my ignorant parking job, he wailed, when are you going to get that damn sunroof fixed?! I wanted to scream, suck my ovaries, pig fuck. why is my sunroof his business? it's my car and my choice. I happen to like the slide factor. so it doesn't close all the way. if I have a problem with it, don't I have the right to make that decision for myself?! what am I? retarded.

does anyone appreciate my plight?!


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