Saturday, December 23, 2006

what's in a name?

been thinkin' see, bout' a new blog name and address. help me decide. stay with katie schwartz or go for one of these (available, so don't even think about boosting) camp names:

jewtawkintame : jew tawkin ta me
jewdish : jew dish
yojew : yo jew
supjewgirl : sup jew girl
superjewgirl : super jew girl
heeblette : heeblette
allthingsjewish : all things jewish
gotjew : got jew

and now for... ffartkisaf

welcome to, friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays.

1. I am terrified of becoming incontinent and anally incontinent.
my grandmother, mary's uterus got bored one day and decided to trip the light fantastic by making a grand entrance into the world on my watch. was it traumatizing? you have to ask?!
one of the signs that you and your womb are about to have a sans consent "meet and greet" is incontinence.

I over kegel myself into an inappropriate frenzy. still, I panic about it.

though I've never had a face to colon, I worry about it for obvious reasons, and being forced into a colostomy handbag. it's just an accessory I'm not super keen on. ok, more like terrified of.

2. swollen eyelids
I worry that my eyelids will be swollen forever and that they will never go down. I'm told another year or two, but it's already been a year and a half. though they aren't as swollen as they were, they're still swollen. I hate it. it's a real self esteem buzz kill.

this concludes our ffartkisaf session for the week.

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