Friday, April 27, 2007

happy birthday, doc!

happy birthday doc-se-doodle-doo!
may this year bring you fabulous health, oodles of happiness, pots and pots of love and everything your sweet, sweet heart desires.
click on over to doc's sunrise rants and wish that young bird a very happy birthday!
jewgirl & jesus

thoughtless little pig

alec baldwin is cashing in on his quick wit and fast thinking by making his first pornographic film called, thoughtless little pig. divorced dads from all walks of life will be gang banging vivid porn stars depicting their ex-wives while berating their offspring.


not for nuthin', my parents went through a ba-rutal divorce. seriously vile on every single level, so I'm tossin' in my two cents.

the damage of what alec baldwin said ain't goin' away, we all know that, and how very wrong it was. it's simply unforgivable. however, I do think miss 9 1/2 weeks is exacerbating the situation. parent alienation absolutely exists and I think she's workin some serious slander mojo against mr. 30-cock. in my opinion, that is equally vile, equally damaging and equally unforgivable.

every body cum!


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