Tuesday, June 27, 2006

top 10 reasons katertot is awake at 3:20 am

1. an orgasm pre-sleep is always a crap shoot for a woman. it puts her out or perks her up.
2. jewergies
3. I felt I got distracted from my hate time. so, I woke up to do a few hate exercises and bitter runs.
4. haglette the hellnine dripping in, something-died-in-his-fat-fuck-farting-ass
5. wondering how I can jump on the, I-see-dead-people, wagon and make a few bucks.
6. reading my top 10 reasons to commit suicide and realizing, I'm onto something.
7. pondering how to be a contemporary guilt dispensing weapon
8. wishing I could remember the name of that, don't-pay-the-irs-and-don't-get-penalized, book.
9. curious about how long it takes cheese to pass through your system.
10. a girl's gotta pee!


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