Thursday, February 16, 2006


I think I whacked the pod. It's making me most forlorn.


my groomer told me he had emphysema today. I feel so guilty. like. I mean, I always bring him a nosh and tip him well, but I feel like I should help him lift my dog onto the grooming table or something. Oy the guilt.


I am so blocked, it's not funny.

I gotta write my sister's essay for the speech portion of the wedding.

My dog has a lump on his stomach. Hi, cancer. Freaking out. Taking him to the vet in a few.

I have writing deadlines that I am shamelessly behind on.


what creative juices?

I'm ovulating. That's just not festive.

what is a blog?

I brought that homeless guy food, but didn't let him know it was from me, and left it in a bag on top of the garbage can. I'm just so irritated that he wouldn't take my money. I had to do something.

I need to vaccum. hate those negative ions though.

sneezing. sneezing. sneezing.

I am obsessed with a new homeschool blog, Lisa Welchel's blog. She's a freak squared. born again to the tenth degree. she considers pagens satan's work. she's so wrong on every level. I fear for her children. and it seems like she kinda married a big queen. but who am I to judge.

waiting. waiting. waiting.

I'm off.

let me tell ya what's fat...

... peeing at 4AM, and slidin' off your toilet seat and spilling onto the floor.


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