Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh, So Much to Spill!

First, the image above is from my good friends at one of my favorite reads, The Daily Pitchfork.

Now, onto the dish... I don't know where to begin. What a month. Guthy is the greatest fucking editor I have ever had the privilege of working with (THANK YOU, DOLL). What an awesome, inspiring, enlightening experience working with her has been to edit my book. My book?! Do you believe?! I'm still plotzing. Everything will be wrapped up and ready to roll this week. I will be hocking youse ah'plenty. Baleedat, yo.

Side Note: I'm listening to Midnight Train to Georgia... It always makes me think of my girls
Bethy and Politits.

I am grossly behind on my bloggy reading and writing. This will all be changing by Monday, I promise. I apologize for being a shitlogger. Let's not break-up, not when we've come this far and have so much more to do together.

I noted that B-Spears is bipolar, Obama and Hills are neck and neck (I hope they run together), Huckabee is still a severe whack job who should be institutionalized alongside Britney, and Heath Ledger didn't kill himself. I suppose all is well in the world. KIDDING. KIDDING. KIDDING.

I have announcements galore that I am going to be posting tomorrow and Friday, so drag yer asses back, capisce? Capisce.


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