Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm going to knit. I can't keep clock stalking. 10:18. 10:19. geez fuckin louise. midnight. come on, baby. hit me! come to mama. strike it, baby, strike it.

it's a mother fuckin miracle!

it's comforting to know that miracles can be found in detergent, isn't it?

the pope is a schmuck... no disrespect

Dylan a False 'Prophet,' Says Pope Benedict : Current Pope Did Not Want John Paul to See Singer in 1997

VATICAN CITY (March 8) - Pope Benedict was opposed to Bob Dylan appearing at a youth event with the late Pope John Paul in 1997 because he considered the pop star the wrong kind of "prophet," Benedict writes in a new book issued on Thursday.

ok turncoat. you're really the authority on prophets. you couldn't suck your way out of a who's who of prophets debate, pope daddy of doom. the only prophets you know of are the ones in your head, post orgasm whilst little altar boys flee from the confines of your skirt.

I'm sorry, but that just pisses me off. dylan is a prophet. gloria steinam is a prophet. gore vidal, neil simon, joni mitchell, whoopi goldberg, maya angelou, charles bukowski, all prophets. I could go on for days, weeks, months. but, I won't bore you. maybe they're not prophets of a religious nature, but they are very much
prophets. look up the definition in websters.

a person regarded as, or claiming to be, an inspired teacher or leader. a spokesperson of some doctrine, cause, or movement.

you can read the rest of his rhetoric

have a little faith in me

do you know the song have a little faith in me by the goddess that is chaka khan?! great tune. download it from itunes.

I gotta stay up until midnight. I think we all agree that masturbation is a risk. either it puts a girl right out or keeps her up. while it's true that the monkey toting tard is a hot fantasy, I lost my meat for the week in the move. not sure where it is. it has new batteries and it was as clean as a whistle, so hopefully some horny homeless bird or man muffin found it and is bouncing through the alleys.

the hallway hussies are back on stoop patrol. apparently they've decided to call their smoking / dish sessions, lessons. shall we venture a guess? they don't curse or discuss sex. I know this because I ran into them one afternoon while one of the hh's was in the middle of spinning her blind date yarn. when she said he was self absorbed. I said, you know you're date really sucks ass when your vibrator is seemingly more articulate and engaging, right?! three single dames mouths were suddenly agape and their faces were fire engine red. realizing the sin I'd just committed, I asked, oh, wait. was that inappropriate? I'm sorry.

at least I know why I'm never invited to their fucking lessons and why they clam up every time I walk by. cuntbags.

I gotta stay up until midnight, so I'll be back.



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